What’s Your Story?

Are you planning to launch a new brand?  Influence public policy? Raise a large sum of money? Teach an important lesson? Admit a serious mistake? Although the circumstances may differ considerably, the challenge in each of these situations is essentially the same:  it’s to win the hearts and minds of key constituents. To achieve this, you need a good story.

More to the point, you need a good storyteller who understands not only how to sculpt your message, but also how to deliver it, where to deliver it, and when.

Although it’s tempting for writers like me to place our primary product – great sentences!  – at the forefront of every communicative process, over time I have discovered that the most powerful stories often emerge when text  is combined with complementary media:  graphics, photos, moving images, music or sounds. To me, the best storytellers are writers who can recognize when their own beautiful words are getting in the way of success. While a good writer always has the strength to drive a creative outcome, a storyteller (or “producer”) has the grace to know when words should take a back seat.

Thanks for visiting Nolan Creative. As you can see, I write, produce and edit in a variety of traditional and digital media. My clients have included CEOs, surgeons, refugees and tradesmen.

How may I help you craft your story?

“…Almost anything you can imagine you can now build…so the battleground in business has shifted from engineering, which everybody can do, to storytelling, for which fewer people have real talent…the edge will go to those institutions that can effectively employ imagination, metaphor, and most of all, storytelling.”

-The Wall Street Journal (25th October 2012)